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What do you even write in a First Post? 

It’s Monday morning which seems like a good time to start. First day of half term too so I’m spending the day with Amelia and I’ve just realised that her swimming lesson is obviously not on (thanks for reminding me Mum) that could have been an embarrassing afternoon! So I’m currently scrolling through Pinterest for some crafty inspiration to keep her entertained today. 

Amelia is three years old going on thirteen and goes to pre school four mornings a week. As a Mum, I never really imagined just how many aspects of their future you have to consider as role of ‘decider’ for your mini human. Our most recent one being primary school application. I was naive in thinking how simple and fun this would be. I tried to do as much ground work beforehand but other than ofsted reports or school visits, there really isn’t much to go on. Then, due to catchment or location, our choices were limited anyway. Once we had shortlisted potential schools, as I do with most things nowadays, I searched the Internet for any reviews or comments that might help the decision making process. Reading pages and pages of what turns out to be just a never ending debate going back and forth – I’m no better off than I was before. So now, I’m left doubting myself on that decision but also my capability of making any decisions for Amelia in the future. A never ending circle sometimes. Still, we remain hopeful on our choice for Amelia and we are looking forward to her beginning her school journey – When did my baby get so big? 

Jon is Jon – and by that, I mean getting on with whatever needs doing as and when it needs doing. In the twelve years I’ve known Jon, he’s always been this way – incredibly practical, hardworking and calmer than calm. We’re not one of these gushy gushy lovey couples – more like, a Dream Team – cracking on with the normalities of life with the occasional priceless moments with Amelia that remind us how lucky we are. Much of our time together is spent surrounding ourselves with our friends and I know we both agree – we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The project house is still standing (just) but I’m pleased to say that we very lucky enough to have ended 2016 with an incredible new kitchen and bathroom – probably the most important rooms of a house! I now feel like I’m living in a palace. Turning this house into our home is our main focus this year. Living in the project has, at times, been challenging. Amelia’s always reminding us how she misses the old house – which is ever so encouraging. This is a long term home and not somewhere to just ‘do up and sell on’ – I’m sure Jon know this too. I hope so anyway – otherwise this could be one of the shortest Blogs there is! 

One thought on “What do you even write in a First Post? 

  1. Thought I would pop over and say hello 😊 I’ve just started up my blog too, I was the same I sat for ages thinking what on earth am I going to write. But once I started the words started to flow! Your kitchen looks amazing. Good luck with the blog- I hope it goes from strength to strength x

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