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Half Term Review – The Highs and Lows

Co-ordinating life in general on a daily basis can be complicated in itself but throwing in a week of no school spiced things up a bit! Luckily, I’m fortunate enough to have an incredibly supportive family that help with juggling child care and working part time. I do love spending time with Amelia – I actually wish I could spend more time with her really – but, I am grateful to be able to escape from CBeebies and ‘Mum!? Mummy!? Mummy!? MUMMY!!!!!’ 

So this week, I’m going to combine the never ending to do list in the house and ways to keep Amelia entertained. At the beginning of the week, we took ourselves to the pound shop (one of our personal favourite shops of all time along with Homebargains) to stock up on all things crafty – but not glitter. Glitter, in my opinion, should be banned. The multi coloured dust of the devil. I am sure even the smallest tube could cover an entire house. I’m yet to find the super hoover that can take on and exterminate glitter. This quickly led to our first argument of the week – but we bought glitter. Amelia 1 – Mummy 0. Our theme for crafts was Valentine’s Day so I scanned Pinterest as usual and we tried all sorts. Whilst she was expressing her creative flair, I was able to redecorate the office and downstairs bathroom which I’m pleased to say are almost complete!!!! 

I love taking Amelia out when I can but one place that always makes me anxious is soft play. I don’t believe that other parents don’t share the same feelings either! I have no issues going along with other children and their parents but going on my own is very rare. This was one of those rare occasions. Still, she wanted to go so we went. Amelia is never shy of telling children (whether she knows them or not) that they’ve perhaps made a ‘bad choice’ and are behaving, I suppose in her opinion at that time, badly. I am unable to comment on that behaviour because I can’t see from where I am most of the time – (although, you do always find that one kid that no one is watching and behaving so bad it hurts – and their parents do or say absolutely nothing – you know the one!) Whilst I am proud of her being able to identify this, it does put me in an awkward position when she’s shouting it from the highest point and pointing at that particular child quite blatantly. All eyes of the soft play audience are looking at me waiting for your response – How do you even respond to that?! I tend to just tell her to go on the slide. Luckily we escaped shortly after and I explain on the way back to the car that sometimes it’s best to just not focus on other children’s behaviour and enjoy yourself at soft play. She agreed. 

We did end the week on a little bit of a low with Amelia’s first swear word. Not the proudest moment to date – although I would be lying if I didn’t giggle just because it was said so casually. She was watching Polar Express – yes – it’s Christmas all year round at our house and I still am a huge believer in using Santa as a bargaining tool – and I was painting the downstairs bathroom. It must have been a tense scene in the film as she made a loud sigh followed by ‘Oh S#%T’ – this was a first for me and people have different ways of dealing with this. Do I: a) Ignore it. Don’t say a word – it never happened – don’t give it any attention. b) React. Question where she had heard it. Explain that this was a naughty word or c) Tell her that I had just received a text message from Santa saying he had heard her say it and has taken away one of her presents for Christmas – Well, in some way or another, I decided to combine all three of the above. Haven’t heard that word since and she is now asking whether I have heard from Santa everyday since for daily behaviour updates. I’ve taken that as a win and the house is now on naughty word lockdown! 

Bee mine 🐝

…office after!!
Office before ….

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