15578901_10157809011240462_4827322203103849434_nHi!  I’m Nina. Mother to Amelia and Wife to Jon and I suppose, I really started this as a way of recording all of our ‘little precious moments’ that I didn’t want to spam everyones social media feeds with!

It would be fair to say that life has been a bit of a whirlwind since November 2012. Jon and I purchased our first home together – which was lovely and we were very excited to have the freedom we had been waiting for. To then find out, on the second night of starting our adventure, that we were in fact going to become three sooner than we had ever imagined. Since that day, we’ve planned a Wedding (sorry – when I say ‘we’, I really meant I)  moved to a project house – which is THE biggest understatement in human history – and amongst all that, dealt with teething, sleepless nights and potty training!

I’m always looking for new and creative things to do, with or without Amelia and I have the tendency to get carried away with these “great ideas” that lead into new business ventures. After three days though, on average, they tend to fizzle out and join the never ending lists including ‘Do you remember that time when Nina wanted to become a…’ or ‘Nina – Did you ever continue with…’ – This Blog is just a little insight to what we get up to when we rarely stop for five minutes!